Ask Tawana

Say hello to Tawana. She's been member of the Vagisil Customer Care Team for over 10 years, talking with thousands of women every year. She's heard it all, so there's nothing you can't ask her. In this video series, Tawana answers some of the most common questions women have asked her about vaginal health issues and Vagisil products — what they are for and how to use them. Have a question for a future Ask Tawana video? Submit your questions here.

Ask Tawana about being ”Shameless”

Tawana shares what it means to be “Shameless About Vaginal Health”

Ask Tawana about Vaginal Itch

Tawana gives you the real real on vaginal itch and demos fast, easy treatment options

Ask Tawana about Vaginal Odor

Tawana dishes about vaginal odor and demos our most popular odor-preventing solutions

Ask Tawana about Sensitive Intimate Skin

Tawana takes on a sensitive topic and demos the SensitiveScents line with skin-friendly scents.

Ask Tawana about Vaginal Dryness

Tawana isn’t afraid to talk dryness and demos the breakthrough solution women have been asking for