It’s been our mission to ensure everything Vagisil®

is truly effective.

From therapeutic treatments to daily care products, we’re always innovating to address women’s intimate personal care needs.


Developed by our expert team of female scientists

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Made with quality cosmetic, medicinal & botanical ingredients

Gynecologist & dermatologist tested


Once a pioneer,

always a pioneer.

Vagisil® was a pioneer in women’s personal care and our commitment to providing more choices for women is unwavering.

Mary Elizabeth Combe and Keech Combe Shetty


Vagisil® is a third-generation family business that is woman-owned. We've earned the trust of women around the world by innovating & creating gentle, effective solutions that work beautifully.

female scientist


Our team of expert female scientists develops unique products that help women feel confident and in control.

Scentsitive Scents product line


We are always innovating to meet consumer needs, like our safe, hypoallergenic scents that are gentle on sensitive skin.

Our ingredients


Safety first

Our ingredients are diligently reviewed by our internal safety experts & independent expert panels

Only good stuff

We maintain a list of ingredients that we choose not to use

Skin-friendly scents

Our fragrances are compliant with current international fragrance association (IFRA) standards

Proven gentle

Our preservatives are proven gentle for use on vulvar skin. They are essential to ensure safety & freshness throughout a product’s shelf life


and expertly made.

Our U.S. manufacturing facilities are registered with the FDA

Rigorously tested to our exacting standards

Tested by dermatologists & gynecologists

Microbiology-tested following the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) guidelines

Stability tested to ensure product integrity throughout shelf life

How we deliver


We have three levels to our overall process which ensure that our products are safe, gentle and effective.