It's our mission to ensure every Vagisil® product is truly effective, to help you feel fresh, comfortable and confident every day.


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Vagisil® products are:

Developed by our expert team of female scientists

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Made with quality cosmetic, medicinal & botanical ingredients

Tested by gynecologists and dermatologists

Ideal for sensitive intimate skin

Passionately designed by women for women

Did you know Vagisil® is a family business that's woman-owned and led? Our expert team of scientists is also led by women. We have the passion and the expertise to create excellent, effective, intimate care solutions.


We believe in ingredients with purpose

We formulate with gentle, effective cosmetic and botanical ingredients. Every formula is carefully tested and reviewed for quality and safety.

50 years* of empathy & expertise

We connect with thousands of women around the world every year. We would like to hear from you.


*Brand was launched 50 years ago in the United States.