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Why should I use an intimate wash?

We all use many products specially formulated for a specific area of the body -- toothpaste to clean teeth, shampoo to clean hair. Vagisil® washes are no exception. They are designed especially for vulvar use – pH balanced to vulvar skin, safe and effective for sensitive intimate skin, and tested by gynecologists and dermatologists. 

Will Vagisil® Anti-Itch Cremes cure a yeast infection?

No, Vagisil® Anti-Itch Cremes will not cure yeast infections. They are designed to instantly relieve the external burning and itching that is associated with a yeast infection. For yeast infection treatment, try Vagistat® 1, Vagistat® 3 or Vagistat® 7.

Is Vagisil® Odor Block® Powder safe to use?

Yes. Vagisil® Odor Block® Powder is made with natural corn starch and is 100% talc free. It's specially formulated for the vulvar area and is gynecologist-tested. With our Odor Block® technology, it's also great for underarms, under breasts, skin folds, between thighs – anywhere want to feel fresh and comfortable.

Why would I use a vulvar powder?

Vagisil® Odor Block® Powder, made with corn starch, absorbs moisture and odor to keep your intimate area fresh and comfortable. It contains Odor Block® Technology for up to 24 hour odor protection. Its smooth, silky feel also helps prevent chafing wherever you need it — between the thighs, under breasts and underarms. It's gentle enough for intimate skin and all-over.

When should I use a Dry Wash® spray?

You can use Vagisil® Dry Wash® Sprays whenever you need a little boost of freshness. Say you squeezed in a yoga class at lunch, or have a date right after work, or sweat through your commute... They’re great in between showers and on-the-go. 

What causes vaginal dryness?

Vaginal dryness affects women of all ages and has many contributing factors, including stress, hormonal fluctuations and certain medications. Vaginal dryness can be the most bothersome during intimacy if sex becomes painful. Vagisil® ProHydrate® Long-Lasting Moisturizing Lubricant was created to relieve vaginal dryness, so you can enjoy a pain-free, healthy sex life.

Is Vagisil® ProHydrate® Long-Lasting Moisturizing Lubricant compatible with condoms?

Vagisil® ProHydrate® Long-Lasting Moisturizing Lubricant is compatible with natural rubber latex, and polyisoprene condoms. Not compatible with condoms made with polyurethane.

Can I use Vagisil® ProHydrate® Long-Lasting Moisturizing Lubricant if I am experiencing peri/post-menopause?

Yes! Vagisil® ProHydrate® Long-Lasting Moisturizing Lubricant is intended to be used for all women who experience vaginal dryness including women who are experiencing peri-menopause or post-menopause.

What can I do if I'm experiencing vaginal itching?

If you are experiencing vaginal itching, we recommend you talk with your doctor or healthcare professional about your symptoms to determine whether you have a yeast infection. If you've previously been diagnosed yeast infection, you can use Vagistat® 1, Vagistat® 3 or Vagistat® 7 to cure most vaginal yeast infections. For instant relief of external vulvar itching associated with a yeast infection, try Vagisil Anti-Itch cremes or wipes.