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Ah, yeast infections. The pesky little predicament that makes it presence known by starting a fire in your vagina. The itching. The burning. This imbalance of vaginal fungus is definitely not fun, but it is common. (Don’t worry, we just did the over-the-shoulder “who me?” look, too.) 90% of women think we need better intimate health education, so we want to help you recognize the signs, so you can get itch relief and get on with your life.

Why do I get yeast infections?

Before we get started, this type of infection is common. It’s not something that should be whispered in shame or make you feel dirty. Now that that’s out of the way: yeast infections are caused by an overproduction or imbalance of the naturally-occuring candida fungus in the vagina. This fungus overgrows in moist, warm places, which is why wearing breathable, cotton underwear and quickly changing out of sweaty gym clothes is important. Other causes of candida overgrowth include antibiotics and other medications, a diet high in refined sugars, and a weakened immune system.

Do I have to see my doctor to treat a yeast infection?

If you’ve never had a yeast infection before, you should consult your doctor to confirm the diagnosis. Many women who think they have a yeast infection may actually have bacterial vaginosis (BV). BV is a common infection caused by the overgrowth of natural bacteria that reside in the vagina and is often accompanied by itching, white-gray discharge and a strong, fishy odor. Once you’re sure of the symptoms, over-the-counter vaginal antifungals can cure most yeast infections.

Is it normal to get a yeast infection?

Yes! Yeast infections are common among women, however, we recommend consulting your doctor if you frequently experience these symptoms.

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