Hi, Mom

Vagisil is family-owned, woman-led and women-run. We’re moms, too. We get that the teen years bring new challenges and new personal care choices. Our experts created OMV! with thousands of moms and teens contributing their wants, needs and ideas along the way. We believe personal care is a choice. For teen products, that’s a choice for moms (or dads…or aunties…) and teens to make together. And an excellent opportunity to talk about their amazing body and growing up.

Here are some of our FAQs from parents, but you can always drop us a line or visit Vagisil.com to learn more.

Is OMV! safe for my teen?

Yes. Our products are gynecologist tested and contain safe and gentle ingredients. They’re also pH balanced, which means they won’t upset the pH levels of the vulvar area. Unlike many body washes or soap that aren’t formulated this way, our pH level makes OMV! a great choice for your teen to use for cleansing all over. All-Day Fresh Wash contains no dyes, parabens, or MIT preservatives. OMV is for external use only.

Why would my teen need an OMV! product?

Most teens have grown up using washes and wipes – usually something mom, or the whole family, uses. Teens are feeling more independent and making more of their own personal care choices, from their shampoo brand to their underarm deodorant. Teens told us they’d really like a personal care line of their own that was designed to their specifications, in scents they like, so the shower experience is an enjoyable one. All-Day Fresh Wash and No-Sweat Wipettes are made to meet teen’s requests for in the shower or on the go. Bikini Anti-Itch Serum soothes irritation caused by shaving or waxing (if your teen does that) and any vulvar itching they may experience from wearing pads during their period. All OMV! products are for external use and should not be used inside the vagina.

Why did Vagisil® make the OMV! line?

OMV! was created for teens by the experts at Vagisil to give them personal care products designed with benefits they wanted. Most body washes have a fragrance, but usually tailored to Mom’s preferences. OMV! is as safe and gentle on a teen’s skin, but in scents all their own, in packaging selected by teens, and in formats requested by teens. Moms and teens told us personal care is important to them, and a line that feels ‘like my own’ would spark conversation around personal care their changing bodies, and beyond. PS: You don’t have to be a teen to use OMV!

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