Personal care designed with teens and the experts at Vagisil.

We heard you. When it comes to personal care, you want safe, gentle products of your own. Designed the way you want. In scents you like. Say hello to OMV!

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The best part

From the formula wish-list to the package designs, we worked with teens to create products that are gentle, convenient, and smell really good. So, when you jump in the shower, or want to freshen up after practice, or soothe your skin after shaving, OMV! has you covered.

  1. All-Day Fresh Wash
    All-Day Fresh Wash
    Safe and gentle for all-over freshness.
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  2. No-Sweat Wipettes
    No-Sweat Wipettes
    Easy, on-the-go cleansing.
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  3. Bikini Anti-Itch Serum
    Bikini Anti-Itch Serum
    Soothes after shaving. Relieves itch.
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Can I use All-Day Fresh Wash as a body wash?

Yes! In fact, we think that’s the best way to use it. It’s ph balanced, which means it’s gentle enough for your vaginal area, and smells so good you’ll want to use it all-over.

What does OMV! smell like?

All three of our products have a light vanilla-clementine scent. It’s kind of sweet, kind of fruity, and totally delish.

Why would I need the Bikini Anti-Itch Serum?

Shaving or waxing your bikini area can cause bumps or redness that can be irritating. Our skin-soothing serum contains oatmeal, vitamin E, and chamomile to relieve itch.

Will OMV! Be harsh on my skin?

No! Our products are formulated within the proper pH level for intimate area skin and contain gentle ingredients and fragrances. Our skin soothing serum has oatmeal, vitamin E, and chamomile.

What’s the difference between a body wash and the All-Day Fresh Intimate Wash?

OMV! Intimate Wash is specially formulated to be gentle on vaginal area skin. Regular body washes may not be pH balanced for sensitive intimate area skin.

Why does the pH level of an intimate wash matter?

Healthy skin in the vulvovaginal area (the area just outside of the vagina) has an acidic pH between 4 and 6. True soaps have an alkaline pH between 8 and 10, which can be harsh on vaginal area skin. Washes at the appropriate pH level (like OMV! All-Day Fresh Wash) will be gentler on the delicate skin of your vaginal area. And that concludes our chemistry lesson!

Can I use OMV! No-Sweat Wipettes daily?

Yes, they are safe and gentle for everyday use.

How should I use OMV! No-Sweat Wipettes?

Wipe from front to back and then discard in trash bin. Like most wipes, they are not flushable.

Do all OMV! products contain fragrance?

Yes, each of our products contain a light vanilla-clementine fragrance, which is tested so we know it’s safe on sensitive vaginal skin.

Are OMV! products tested to ensure they’re safe for use?

Absolutely! All of our products are gynecologist and clinically tested.

Can I use OMV! while I have my period?

We created OMV! with this exact situation in mind. Our wash, wipes, and serum are designed to help you feel fresh and comfortable, especially when you have your period. But you can use them any time of the month. 

Who can use OMV! products?

You can use OMV! no matter how you identify—be it her, him, or they. And while OMV! is designed for teens, all ages can use it. Serum use, however, is limited to ages 12 and above as this product is a drug.

Why did Vagisil™ make the OMV! line?

OMV! was designed by teens with the experts at Vagisil. We know how important it is for you to have a product that’s all your own, that smells the way you want it to, and that meets your specific needs. It’s as safe and gentle on your skin as Vagisil, but made with you in mind.

Does OMV! Bikini Anti-Itch Serum contain steroids?


Are OMV! products medicated?

Bikini Anti-Itch Serum is medicated.

Can I use all of the OMV! products at the same time?

Absolutely! However, we recommend doing so only as needed. Check the usage instructions for Bikini Anti-Itch Serum for more info.

What does OMV! stand for?

 Oh my vagina! It’s 2020 and we’re all about being loud and proud of our bodies.