Our Story

Our mission

Vagisil® is shameless about intimate health. It’s our mission to create a more open platform to talk about the intimate health topics that many women say they are uncomfortable discussing. To help inform, educate, and reduce the shame that still exists around intimate health issues. These issues are a natural part of having a vagina, so we want women to feel empowered to discuss their intimate health and seek the solutions they need. Without apology. Without stigma. Without shame.


Vagisil Co-Founder, Mary Elizabeth Combe

Our herstory

In the early 1970s, as the women’s liberation movement was gaining momentum, Ivan and Mary Elizabeth, our founders, were determined to create products that would actually improve people’s lives. They believed that every woman has the right to be in control of her intimate health, and no woman should suffer in silence. They noticed that women were writing letters to their company quite frequently, privately seeking a product that would relieve a very personal issue: external vulvar itching (AKA: “intimate itch”). Since no product existed at the time, Mary Elizabeth thought they should deploy their skincare experts to create a safe, effective solution — and the original Vagisil® Anti-Itch Crème was born.

Mary Elizabeth came up with the name Vagisil®. Despite the facts, the government tried to silence us. Television networks tried to censor us. The name Vagisil® was so bold, it was scandalous. Even with the Sexual Revolution going on at the time, no one said the word vagina in public. Still, the name Vagisil® was here to stay. We were intentional about being a beacon for every woman seeking relief and better personal care for their intimate skin.

For over 50 years, Vagisil® has been the brand women trust to solve common intimate health needs. There’s so much to celebrate about being a woman and having a vagina. We believe suffering and feeling shame should never be a part of it. That’s why Vagisil® always has been—and always will be—shameless about intimate care.

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