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You can't always avoid getting a yeast infection–we're looking at you sweaty gym clothes–but you can get relief that's fast. Vagistat® 3-Day Yeast Infection Treatment provides the relief you need and the cure you want so you can say, "what yeast infection?"

  • 3 vaginal suppositories with 3 disposable applicators
  • Treats and cures most vaginal yeast infection
  • External vulvar cream relieves associated external itching and irritation


Yeast Infections

Ah, yeast infections. The pesky little predicament that makes it presence known by starting a fire in your vagina. The itching. The burning. This imbalance of vaginal fungus is definitely not fun, but it is common. (Don’t worry, we just did the over-the-shoulder “who me?” look, too.) 90% of women think we need better intimate health education, so we want to help you recognise the signs, so you can get relief and get on with your life.